Next Meeting Time is September!

The new standing meeting time for the Thurston Food System Council is first Wednesday from 9:30-11:30AM at the Thurston Regional Planning Council.

The Thurston Food System Council is a grassroots citizens organization composed of a diverse group of community stakeholders empowered by the community and recognized by local government to foster collaboration and active engagement in the local food system.

Our Vision

A vibrant food system where everyone in Thurston County has the right and access to healthy, local, affordable, culturally appropriate, sustainably produced food.

Our Mission

To bring together the community resources, people and programs to develop and strengthen the local food system.

Our Goals

  • Evaluate and influence food system policy
  • Support sustainable agriculture and foster food-friendly neighborhoods (urban, suburban and rural)
  • Promote social justice (promote equal access to healthy food for all members of our community)
  • Encourage healthy lifestyles and disease prevention through food and nutrition education
  • Create a diverse and resilient local food economy
  • Protect natural resources and sustain the environment
  • Ensure preservation, protection and expansion of farmland, farming and farmers and expansion of food producing lands and fisheries
  • Strengthen links and relationships within and between urban, suburban and rural communities

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